Employee self-service

Manager portal

Reports for accountant

Boost employee satisfaction

Convenient self-service for employees

Leave requests in a few seconds

Plan and apply for time off online from any device, wherever you are.

Each employee can easily access their leave requests, balances, accruals, leave history and leave plans using a calendar in the web or mobile.

Forget bureaucracy and papers. Focus on your job.

employee selfservice illustration

Platform for HR, managers and accountant

No errors, no lost leave requests, no manual paperwork

Approving leave requests is simple from anywhere.

All the employee leave requests, accruals, shared company calendar, leave reports, history and metadata are accessible from your smartphone.

No more routine manual work. Focus on strategic human resource management.

manager portal
Get started instantly

All the mandatory legal policies already prepared

Sign up and download all the law-required Internal Policy documents right from the start.

Lithuanian law requires companies to set up certain Internal Policies if electronic leave management is to be used. We prepared all those documents for you to stay compliant with national legal legislation.

E-atostogos.lt can be used by either one single unit or the entire company. Legally adequate documentation is ready for every such cases.

internal company policies regarding electronic vacation

Correct leave balances and accruals in real-time

Automate complex calculations

Calculates leave balances / acruals in real time and for any given day. Every employee can check their leave balances and accruals in self-service before applying for vacation.

Employee leave balance is always correct so a manager can make a fully informed decision.

Minimise mistake and compliance risks, avoid tedious and time-consuming work related to vacation day balances and accruals.

calculating leave accruals

Leave calendar

Easy access to your team's time plan

Have all your team plans and history in one unified calendar. Access it in a few seconds from anywhere, anytime, any device you have.

leave calendar

Data security and legal compliance

Fully compliant with both national and EU legislation

All the electronic processes, leave types and leave accrual policies are in a perfect compliance with the Lithuanian Labour Code, Lithuanian and EU legislation.

Fully compliant with EU privacy and data protection law. All the data is hosted in a secure and reliable world-leading Amazon Web Service data centre with a physical location within the European Union.

GDPR compliant



Access 24/7 from anywhere. Accessible globally and adopts to your device - mobile, PC or tablet. Cloud, SaaS, Web.



Modern design. Intuitive to use. User-friendly interface. Responsive and adaptable for any device.



Leave planning, request, approval in just a few clicks. All the information to make better decisions is quick accessed and in one place.


Lithuanian & English

Helpful if your team is global and distributed all over the world. Successfully using by Lithuanian and international companies. Available in two languages: Lithuanian and English.



Electronic leave management without papers. No need to prepare, print, sign and archive documents. E-leave management system is fully compliant with legal and technical requirements for an advanced electronic signature.


SaaS for cost saving

Don't worry about servers, backups and IT specialists. Everything is already set up for you and works like a charm.


  • Up to 9 employees
  • Employee self-service
  • Manager portal
  • Automated leave accruals
  • Leave orders and timesheets
2.5 per employee per month


  • Up to 19 employees
  • Employee self-service
  • Manager portal
  • Automated leave accruals
  • Leave orders and timesheets
2.2 per employee per month


  • From 20 employees
  • Employee self-service
  • Manager portal
  • Automated leave accruals
  • Leave orders and timesheets
2 per employee per month


  • Unlimited number of employees
  • HR management platform
  • All above listed features
  • +70 additional features
  • Technical support and help

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HCM.LT employee management system is a leading cloud-based software for Lithuanian market that automates all the HR-related process and paperwork, and is fully compliant with Lithuanian labour code.

Ability to support complex multi-branch organizations. In daily use by thousands of employees from Lithuanian and international companies.

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